IIN Advanced Business Course Frequently Asked Questions

Give me a 1-minute summary of what the course is all about.

The IIN Advanced Business Course is a year-long, master’s level program designed to help help you stand out, attract more clients, and create a steady income as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Through regularly released curriculum modules and homework, supported by accountability and personalized mentoring, the course is designed to inspire action toward reaching your business goals.

When does the course start?

The next course begins in April 2018. Once registration opens, your Advanced Business Course starts the moment you sign up! You’ll get immediate access to your Facebook group and pre-course materials within 24 hours of registering, so you can get started ASAP.  

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling?

The IIN Advanced Business Course is open to any IIN graduate or current student.

How much time will I need to dedicate to this course?

You should expect to devote 2-3 hours per week to the modules and business-related homework while you are in this course. Figure on spending another 1-2 hours connecting with staff and classmates in the course Facebook group, which is your 24/7 support system. Think about it this way: the more time you put into this course, the more you will get out of it. It’s hard work, but fun and rewarding, too!

What if I don’t like the course? Is it refundable?

What you get out of this course will depend on what you put into it. While we provide you with the tools, templates, and coaching necessary to be successful, we can’t do the work for you. If you are putting in the work and determine that this course just isn’t the right fit for you, email us about a refund. Our refund policy can be found in the Terms of Service for your course.

Is the course all online?

Yes. Similar to the Health Coach Training Program, the IIN Advanced Business Course is entirely online. It consists of a combination of videos, handouts, homework assignments, and daily moderated discussions on Facebook. If you like the feel of pen and paper while you work, the handouts are available to download and print.

How is this different than Immersion/the Health Coach Training Program?

The IIN Advanced Business Course contains brand-new content not covered in other courses. Each module is short, action-oriented, and focused on helping you take the steps your business needs to grow and flourish.

Most important, the Advanced Business Course includes personalized support, guidance, and mentoring via the Facebook group. That’s a real-time forum (which you can also access 24/7 by scrolling through the conversations) where Joshua and his team of IIN moderators and visiting teachers will answer your questions, hold you accountable, and coach you through whatever may be holding you back from the success we know you can achieve.

The Advanced Business Course also provides dozens of tips and tools for taking immediate, effective action: Done-for-you marketing materials (like flyers, Power Points, blog posts and newsletters) to help you promote your business. Done-for-you programs (like wellness jumpstarts and group coaching) that will bring new clients in the door. Done-for-you scripts and templates (for pitching the media or connecting with potential referral partners). There’s a lot of value in these extras!

I have a business partner who is also an IIN Graduate. Can we join together, share the materials, and split the cost of tuition?

Sorry, no shared tuition. But we love seeing IIN grads partner together to create a more powerful experience—so why not sign up together!

What if I haven’t started my business yet? Can I still take this course?

You sure can! The Advanced Business Course starts with the basics and builds from there. Whether your business is still just an idea, or you are already looking to grow and expand, this course can help you move to the next level. We’ve had ABC students sign their first paying clients just a few weeks into the course. Others have used the course to triple their existing client lists. The possibilities are endless — and completely yours to create!

I used to have a business but haven’t done anything with it in a long time. Is this right for me?

Absolutely! If you are ready to kick things into high gear and dedicate time to building your business, the Advanced Business Course will give you the tools and support you need to reboot your business and get it on track—and you might find you have more energy and enthusiasm for your business than ever before!

Are there teachers other than Joshua?

Yes, and you’re going to love them! The course will provide you with bonus materials from world-class business experts, such as DISC expert Eric Barron, blogger and podcaster Jonathan Fields, multi-passionate entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau, mindset master Rob Scott, expert coach Christine Hassler, and bestselling author Michael Port. A complete list of participating speakers will be released at the start of the program.

And of course there’s Joshua and the team of moderators, who will be supporting you to take real, actionable steps to grow your business and break through barriers that are holding you back from success.

Is this course strictly for health coaching businesses?

No, not strictly. In fact, no matter if you’re a practicing Health Coach, the owner of a healthy product line, a speaker or workshop presenter, the knowledge, practice, and support you get from the course will take your business to the next level.

That said, the primary focus of the course is about attracting more coaching clients, and builds on several themes you learned in the Health Coach Training Program. But we can also promise you that any business you may have in addition to your health coaching practice will grow as a result of what you learn in the course!

I’ve already taken a bunch of online business classes. How will this be different? Will this course be worth it for me?

We think this course is worth it for anyone who is reading this FAQs page!

Consider this: the Advanced Business Course is designed exclusively for graduates of IIN’s Health Coach Training Program. For that reason alone, you can expect a level of support that other business classes can’t possibly match. Joshua’s 25 years of experience as a pioneer in the industry–plus his incredible mentoring and support–are what make this curriculum different, AND ensure students are getting the most out of their experience.

As a student in this course, you’ll also receive done-for-you programs, marketing materials, scripts, and templates that you can apply to your business right away—no need to waste any time reinventing the wheel.
And don’t forget the personalized support you’ll be receiving from IIN moderators and business experts in our private Facebook group! They’ll be reviewing and posting to the group every day, answering questions and providing feedback and support so you never stay stuck.

Will this course be graded?

No grades. The IIN Advanced Business course is based heavily on taking action. Each module includes the newest information and techniques about growing your business, fortified by a corresponding homework assignment. So although you won’t be graded on the homework, it’s good to remember that your success — in the course and in your business — correlates to the effort you put into it.

How will I know how I’m doing in the course?

There are tests along the way that give you a good read on how you’re doing — plus you’ll have accountability partners you can just ask! And of course, you’ll see how well you’re applying what you learn by the results you’re seeing in your business.

What do I get when I complete the program? Is there a certificate or a change in my title?

At the end of the year, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. For students who have not yet taken Immersion, you will be eligible to receive 11 National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS) credits. But because the course does not alter your scope of your practice, your title won’t change.

What costs can I anticipate beyond tuition?

IIN’s goal is to support you in expanding your business without spending a lot of money. So that’s why we’ve designed done-for-you materials and marketing strategies that you can apply right now—without breaking the bank! In fact, aside from your tuition, there are no additional costs to this program beyond your personal business decisions to invest in technology or services that will help you grow your practice.

What technology do I need in order to take this course?

We offer the course on our Learning Center platform, accessible from a desktop browser or a mobile app (or both)! We’ll provide you with all the information you need to set up your Learning Center account when you enroll. More good news: You can access the course on most devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), as long as they support Facebook.

How much is tuition? Is there a payment plan option?

Tuition is $995 if you decide to pay in full at the time of registration. But if you’d like to pay your tuition in installments, IIN offers two payment plans (which add on a small administrative fee). For the 2-pay option, you’ll pay $550 at the time of enrollment, and make your second and final payment of $550 within 2 months of the date you enroll. For the 3-pay option, you’re responsible to pay $375 when you enroll. We process your second payment of $375 2 months after the date you enroll, and the third and final payment of $375 2 months after the second payment.

OK, my questions are answered, and I’m ready to sign up. What do I do next?

Awesome! We’re excited to have you joining us! Head on over to www.IINAdvancedBusinessCourse.com to sign up or to join the waitlist!

If I have further questions or need assistance, whom should I contact?

You can send an email support@iinadvancedbusinesscourse.com. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Thanks for considering the IIN Advanced Business Course!